Our Passion

We provide our clients with the best IT solutions and services, with a personal touch.

Our mission

To meet companies’ needs in terms of IT and communications infrastructures, we provide IT services and solutions in the following areas: enterprise networks, data centres, collaboration, cybersecurity, data analytics, digital workspaces and IoT.

About us

Client Satisfaction

80% of our clients have been around for more than 15 years and 94% of those who do one project with us end up being repeat customers.


Our professionals work together as a decisive, dedicated team, committed to the excellence and quality of the company.

Great Innovation

We tackle technological challenges from the start. We invest more than 8% of revenue in new technology.


Corporate social responsibility is a pillar of the company.


Sustained growth over 10% on average over the past 15 years.

Network Infraestructure

It is necessary for communication among employees, clients and partners, and is a key element in making any business work properly. We help make sure you have a strong, fully available network so you can focus on your business. We offer services and solutions in several areas: core network, access network, wireless, mobility, SDN, WAN and MAN.


Simple and accessible, we give our clients the solutions they need to efficiently interact with employees, customers and partners. We offer services and solutions in several areas: IP phone, video, contact centres, on-site, meeting bridge, telemedicine and streaming.

Data Center

We offer services and solutions that help you make your data centre more efficient and readily available. We have extensive experience in the following areas: convergence, storage, ACI, automatisation, OpenStack, management and monitoring, IaaS, hosting, housing, contingencies and balancing.


Security is a transversal element that must be part of any solution implemented. We are experts in security, with a specialised team certified in security that works on preventing, analysing and responding to security incidents in the following areas: perimeter security, NAC, data centre security, email security, web security, security of cloud services, IDS/IPS, AMP, TrustSec, SIEM, monitoring and managing events (SOC), cyphers and secure remote access..


Thanks to our expertise in areas of OT, we’re able to lead the shift towards IoT, with experience and solutions in the following areas: oil and gas, energy, manufacturing, transport, connected safety and security, smart cities.


We offer advanced consultancy services to help our clients by laying the groundwork for implementing and managing technology like: digital auditing, architecture design, gaining approval for solutions.

Project execution

We execute the implementation of whole technologies, participating in each phase: high-level design, low-level design, roll-out, migration plans, testing plans and training programmes.


We round out the services we offer clients with excellent maintenance services, specialising in corrective, preventative, evolution and adaptive maintenance..

Service management

We offer fully managed services, making it easier for our clients to adopt and manage the technology implemented. Asset management (pay-per-use), changes and settings, resolution of incidents, capacity, performance, reporting and control panels.

Cloud Services

To make digital transformation and adoption as easy as possible for our clients, we offer cloud services. TPaaS (Telepresence as a Service), WiFi Cloud, Security Cloud, LAN Cloud, Remote Access Cloud, ToIP Cloud, Spark Cloud, Webex and Proxy Cloud.

Contact Info

Phone: 918 305 987